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post by ROT13Rookie at ATS

Everytime I think about my involvement and about Neurocam in general, my blood boils.

I can’t promise PM’s or free secrets because there arent any really. What happened from 2000-2005 is out there. You just had to tread carefully and choose the truths that lined up with whatever reliable networking you were doing. 2006 was the last year you would have been able to do any kind of decent networking anyway, and even then it would have taken a heap of effort and longevity.

Miraculously, The Nautonier and it’s various branches were able to purge most of the “ARG” wanabe’s from the organizations, retain a small group of dedicated members and close the doors for good.

Most dropped off the map forever, some of us maintain loose friendships with current members, and a small few still steer through the silence. Conducting R&D, analyzing their history (and information that never made it to any blog or archive) and waiting, possibly for a generation or more.

It kills me to google Nautonier, Neurocam, Yellow 1, Fiat NOX, etc. and find nothing much more current than this post. Sifting through the graveyards of misinformation blogspots bring me feelings of relief and nostalgia. I can’t bring myself to breach old promises or strain current friendships, but I know that I wouldnt be holding my breath.

Maybe you read this then find yourself at a bar one day. Your friend of 10 or 20 years leans over and mumbles something like, “I gotta tell you about this thing that happened to me”. That’s your best bet. But as these things go, maybe not.

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  1. JT
    September 2, 2014 at 11:13 pm

    I think about the good old days, too. Running about town on a hunt for picturesque environments void of the color yellow. Or ordering coffee with a fictional name as an identifier to another unknown agent in a coffee shop that I’m there for a meet.

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