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Mayday Mystery

May Day Mystery summary paper:

For the last twenty-odd years, cryptic ‘announcements’ have appeared every May 1st (and on various other, less frequent, dates), since 1981, in the Arizona Daily Wildcat, the student newspaper of the University of Arizona, Tuscon. (…)
The Orphanage are allegedly trying to alter reality. If not by physically altering time and space, then certainly by altering people’s perception of reality (perhaps through alterations to the American educational system? Hence the attacks on the Department of Education?) (…)
February 28, 2002 E-mail: “We have a long-standing project studying the nature of consciousness and especially its transmission through the physical envelope of the human persona.”
Does this mean they are all just psychologists and this is merely one massive psychological experiment?
It is possible that the announcements are an elaborate exercise in meta-programming (external link): that the aim of the announcements is to make the reader shift belief systems with each announcement, to demonstrate that, ultimately, they are all just different frameworks into which one fits their experiences. Alternatively, it could be that the announcements are trying to lead its readers into a specific frame of reference, apparently either one of revolution, or of Methodism.

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