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Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius

Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius
by Jorge Luis Borges

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October 21, 2011 1 comment

post by ROT13Rookie at ATS

Everytime I think about my involvement and about Neurocam in general, my blood boils.

I can’t promise PM’s or free secrets because there arent any really. What happened from 2000-2005 is out there. You just had to tread carefully and choose the truths that lined up with whatever reliable networking you were doing. 2006 was the last year you would have been able to do any kind of decent networking anyway, and even then it would have taken a heap of effort and longevity.

Miraculously, The Nautonier and it’s various branches were able to purge most of the “ARG” wanabe’s from the organizations, retain a small group of dedicated members and close the doors for good.

Most dropped off the map forever, some of us maintain loose friendships with current members, and a small few still steer through the silence. Conducting R&D, analyzing their history (and information that never made it to any blog or archive) and waiting, possibly for a generation or more.

It kills me to google Nautonier, Neurocam, Yellow 1, Fiat NOX, etc. and find nothing much more current than this post. Sifting through the graveyards of misinformation blogspots bring me feelings of relief and nostalgia. I can’t bring myself to breach old promises or strain current friendships, but I know that I wouldnt be holding my breath.

Maybe you read this then find yourself at a bar one day. Your friend of 10 or 20 years leans over and mumbles something like, “I gotta tell you about this thing that happened to me”. That’s your best bet. But as these things go, maybe not.

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Mayday Mystery

May Day Mystery summary paper:

For the last twenty-odd years, cryptic ‘announcements’ have appeared every May 1st (and on various other, less frequent, dates), since 1981, in the Arizona Daily Wildcat, the student newspaper of the University of Arizona, Tuscon. (…)
The Orphanage are allegedly trying to alter reality. If not by physically altering time and space, then certainly by altering people’s perception of reality (perhaps through alterations to the American educational system? Hence the attacks on the Department of Education?) (…)
February 28, 2002 E-mail: “We have a long-standing project studying the nature of consciousness and especially its transmission through the physical envelope of the human persona.”
Does this mean they are all just psychologists and this is merely one massive psychological experiment?
It is possible that the announcements are an elaborate exercise in meta-programming (external link): that the aim of the announcements is to make the reader shift belief systems with each announcement, to demonstrate that, ultimately, they are all just different frameworks into which one fits their experiences. Alternatively, it could be that the announcements are trying to lead its readers into a specific frame of reference, apparently either one of revolution, or of Methodism.

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Angelic Society

The Angelic Society and the Hypnerotomachia Poliphili

In 1470, in Venice, the existence of an organisation known as “The Fog” or “The Angelic Society” was reported. It is the same period when Colonna is a prominent citizen of that town. It is a secret, alchemical society, also known under the more Latin name of Voarchadumia. This word, invented for this purpose (like so much of the Hypnerotomachia), means “gold of two perfect cementations”, or “gold twice refined”. It is derived from a Chaldean word meaning “gold” and a Hebrew expression which means “on top rubies”. The organisation is described as a society in which the members, practitioners of alchemy, try to create an ideal “State”, using the principles of the Kaballah. The programme also states that schools and academies should teach the Kaballah. Furthermore, the laws of this State need to be adapted in such a way that they are based on Wisdom and not on Power. Such visions of a new State and a new age, were quite common in late 15th century Italy. (…)

The AA, like the “Compagnie” explains to its members that it has to protect “the Secret” – with capital S – at any cost. The “manual” for the members needs to be read and speaks of a rigour which we would expect to find in a training manual for the intelligence agencies or a terrorist camp: do not tell the secret to anyone, not even to your confessor, or a member of your family. When meeting a comrade in public, do not speak about the organisation and definitely do not say anything whatsoever at all related to it to a stranger or in the presence of a stranger. The manual explains how to work with passwords; how to protect and, if necessary, destroy your cell without leaving a single trace, etc. With such a structure in place, it is clear that whatever the secret it is that the AA tried to protect, the members took their mission very seriously. It also explains why the organisation was largely successful in keeping its existence so silent… and why the nature of their secret – Secret – has so far never been discovered.

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