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Techgnosis: the Politics of Story Technology

Story-technology is a technique which lends itself perfectly to cyber operations such as CHAD and SERPO. The popular TV soaps are cheap and cheerful repetitions of artificially-processed story-chains which go into the mental gut just as consumerism manufactures attitudes of consent towards ranges of images, symbols and metaphors, resulting finally in the purchase of “hard” tins of Celebrity Pork Roll. Like all TV, soaps are for simple-minded non-cerebral folk, and their mythology is easily absorbed into the mental gut.

But CHAD is not, as some have suggested, pre-publicity for a coming CD game. Its focus is limited, much more narrowly specialised, and it represents a political programme of an entirely new type, meant to appeal almost exclusively to thinking folk. As such, it is structured, and it does not align itself with those things which most thinkers pretend they despise: non-cerebral mass media, pop culture, and consumerism. Despite being almost extinct as a lost tribe, no culture, society or indeed time itself can move forward without thinkers. Without the much-abused intellectuals, we would have a two-dimensional tapestry world, a medieval wall-painting showing the entire world to be a billion Simpson characters frozen in media time.

Therefore, in the case of CHAD, what few brains are left in the world are a main target. Given the cheapness and general availability of powerful computers, it is now possible to produce very quickly programmes which can create and “run” complete belief-systems within a designed world-model. In the case of both the prototypal SERPO and the more advanced CHAD, the objectives are most certainly the thinkers, and the programme is as follows.

The CHAD Programme

(1) Measurement of how wide and deep is the penetration caused by a single staged drama of a particular psycho-social construction. As far as CHAD is concerned, any and every kind of seed-pod theory is now spreading throughout the Web with a speed only modern computers can manage.

(2) Measurement of the “quality” of this penetration in terms of the reactions to it. People of very high IQ listen to “alternative” radio and UFO and related sites. As a minority target-group they are perfect for hi-tech speculations of all kinds. On the Coast-to-Coast list alone there are scores of scientists and writers of significance. Making them listen despite themselves is one of the psychological aims of CHAD. The reactions of these high-level cultural structures are significant in the sense that if the manipulators can analyze and predict the reactions of the bourgeois intelligentsia, then such can be fed and controlled by episodic injections of the tale. By comparison the proles of 2007 are easy meat if only that they absorb TV without limit and offer no kind of hard socio-political resistance compared to half a century ago. The intellectuals are different. Most do not watch TV. As such they need more complex and highly-wrought means of penetration. This is where both SERPO and CHAD come in.

(3) Assessment of just how much “fantasy” can be engineered into the suggestion. SERPO as prototype was over the top achieving about 1% on the Fortean scale. As distinct from SERPO, CHAD is a very subtle high-level multi-media operation with better internal balance, backed up by a massive and well-financed support base. It applies just a little fantasy, not too much, something only a few moves away from the supposed real. Then it adds something of the perceived contemporary real. When looked at closely, this now-you-see-it now-you-don’t flicker-technique produces raw intellectual eroticism of a superb variety. Many thinkers fall for the glamour, mystery, and intrigue of CHAD and its technical interest. Other thinkers such try to solve the problem of the “reality” of CHAD in the good old-fashioned Agatha Christie sense with clues and “explanations” found in the potting shed. Such are the Pied Piper tales of both SERPO and CHAD.

(4) Learning how to make sure that the level of the CHAD story is just above that of schlock fiction, adjusted so that it whets credible appetites and is quickly absorbed. CHAD represents nothing less than the launch of the cutting edge of prototypal Matrix politics. It is far more dangerous than memes of Icke or Hoagland because its agenda is directed at high IQ levels, and its Fortean percentages of “reasonableness” are much more carefully managed.

(5) Measurement of the deterioration of the story, how long it lasts, which parts last the longer. Judging how the percentages of the real are managed rather like plant-cultivation. As a liminal structure, poised between percentages of fact and fiction, CHAD as a psycho-crop fits into the 30% “real” of the Fortean category.

(6) The design of the bait. A study of the type of acceptance and the type of rejection of the bait. The grounds of rejection and by whom: social class, education, race, etc; the kind and level of discussion and analysis of the “bait” pictures.

The SERPO story being blown, we now all wait for the appearance of the inevitable updates to CHAD!

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