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Dr Eric Walker and MJ-12

August 30, 1987 Interview Bill Steinman with Dr. Walker

Walker: Yes. I know of MJ-12. I have know of them for 40 years. I believe that you’re chasing after and fighting with windmills!!

March 8, 1990 Interview Henry Victorian and Dr. Walker

Azadehdel (…) But, Doctor, I have been reading this book called Above Top Secret. There are some documents there referring to a group known as MJ -12. Have you heard of them?

Dr Walker For a long time now. I have nothing to do with them.

Azadehdel Are the documents authentic?

Dr Walker I don’t think so.

Azadehdel Doctor. Is there such a group still active?

Dr Walker How good is your mathematics?

Azadehdel As good as it could be for a doctor in physics, but why?

Dr Walker Because only a couple people are capable of handling this issue. Unless your mind ability is like Einstein’s or likewise, I do not think you can achieve anything.

Azadehdel well, Doctor, for years I have been trying. But, are there government scientists?

Dr Walker Everyone mistakes this issue. I gather by that you mean whether they work for the Defense establishments of the military.

Azadehdel Yes, Doctor, that is what I meant.

Dr. Walker Well, that is where you are wrong. They are a Handful Of Elite. When you are invited into that group I would know. (…)

Azadehdel Are you a member of that group?

Dr Walker I cannot answer that. How good is your sixth sense? How much do you know about ESP?

Azadehdel I know to some degree about ESP and EVP. But, what has that got to do with it?

Dr Walker Unless you know about it, and how to use it, you would not be taken in. Only a few know about it.

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