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… probably the most interesting viral marketing campaign of its time …

from La Giovinezza. The reprise. My love and kindness. post by Blanket

So my little buddy from the other night.. “M.C.” said quite a lot.. Let’s break it down shall we?

Here is my contribution. I believe that Tex Arcana will understand it the best. This is about small-town America. I think Tex knows something about small towns and how a “big man” in the community often decides what happens and doesn’t happen in the lives of countless others.

A “big man” who wanted to be even bigger—and who eventually grew to enormous proportions in his own particular pond—was looking once for a way to propel his small town and hopelessly rural county into a famous and renowned tourist destination.

And this is true. Big man in town, Atlanta, MI to be exact. Owns a hotel, a bar, a gas station.. Couple of others possibly. Biiig town. Last census taken was about 800 give or take. Makes the tiny town I live in look like New York. So this guy wants more, as all people in his position do. But how? How does one bring in business to a hotel, a bar and a gas station in literally Bumfuck, MI.. (It’s in the upper NE of MI.. They’re just about Canadian..)

Tourism.. Gas in the tanks, a bar to eat and have a drink in, and a hotel to pass out in at night..

But how?? Well.. They have a lot of forest up there, good hunting seasons, outdoor sports and the like.. But it wasn’t enough for the “Big Fish”.. (“Chatter” is his nickname.. I don’t find it necessary to post his name at this time..)

Well, then you just make somethin’ up and spread the news.. Once again you ask.. How? How can you just make shit up and expect people to come running? You can’t put up signs that say… “Portal This Way.. Watch Your Step” … “Gnome Crossing”…. “Now Entering the 2AR, Management Is Not Responsible For Accidents”….

Virally. Via the internet. That’s how.. Genius really. Enter Kolar.. He was in advertising. And possibly related to “Chatter”..

Make up a story on the net. On a big forum, like lets say.. About.com..

Now of course you can’t just come out and say.. “Holy shit.. I was just in Atlanta, MI the other day, staying at the Win-Sans hotel.. And the owner took me out and showed me a damn portal to another universe.. There were freaking gnomes everywhere and I think I freaked out!!!!”

Of course not. Viral advertising is subtle.. It builds.. Enter Apacheunger.. The infamous “I drove out of the world for 20 mins..” thread on About.com… Where a lady describes a trip that took a little detour into an alternate realm.. I think she only posted like twice and then the thread took on a life of it’s own.. More people showed up and started corroborating her story with stories of their own and JPK came up, with his book “Proofs of My Return”.. Stories from people like Jon Grantly (Kolar himself). Timmistral and others.. Subtle-like giving the supposed location of this event outside of Atlanta, MI..

And it grew.. Fueled by the imagination of Kolar and a handful of writers, based in part on folklore about the portals that came in part from “Lorenzo”, Mr. Durkee.. So now it began. The portals, the location.. Now all that needed to be done was to flesh out the characters.. Such as John Palifox Key and his mysterious book..

So instead of just writing about his book… Enter Joey Leguay.. The ruggedly handsome world travelling classically trained Latinist, who just happened to have a copy of the book lying around on his kitchen table when he was a kid. His brother Eric and some friends apparently used the book to track down a portal over in Delaware, and had a terribly frightening experience.. If you read you know the rest of the story..

Most of this backstory for Leguay and such came of course from the sultry stripper, Paula Denail.. Her famous blog that many have read time and time again, and is posted in it’s entirety at this very forum.. Also threads appeared all over the About.com Paranormal and Latin forums discussing portals, “Toddlers on the Telephone like adults” (Full Jumpers)posted by “Leguay” from one of his logins “custodiatene”.. Also he posted as Ferabo later on after a brief absense, and one other I can think of..

Somewhere in here the troll wars began, with the likes of Unseen Dave and MNI.. But that in a nutshell is how it started. And then moved to other forums.. But it’s genesis on the net at least was About.com far as I can tell. It’s where the bulk of it is at least..

You see. Advertising really DOES make the world go around.

So yes. Advertising does pay. It was Kolar’s job to do so. And he along with some rather creative and convincing writers at the time, created probably the most interesting viral marketing campaign of its time. All to generate some interest in a town in the middle of nowhere, so some “Big Fish” could get bigger….

There’s more of course.. But mostly details, dead ends and creative writers masturbatory fantasies.

The story has continued, and new writers have come into the fray.. And it pops up from time to time at different websites of the woo-woo variety.. Like claims of finding the book.. And such is Jody..

In the end…

Just a big advertisement for Atlanta, MI..

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