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eerily familiar feelings

from The Name of the Game is DIPLOMACY post by eerily familiar feelings

because this saga is reminiscent of something very similar that began in 2001 or 2002 on a large paranormal forum and in some ways still continues…

and before i begin madly connecting things that hopefully (as in please don’t let this be the same gang of misogynists, sociopaths, psychopaths and sadists…but now that i put it that way, would it be better or worse to find a second group? shit.) do not connect, can those of you who have watched this closely since the beginning tell me if ANY of the following names/places/themes etc. ring a bell?

regardless, both had/have a common goal: divide and conquer a forum that posed a threat to TPTB in some way. the other forum was in many ways much like glp at its best, a global think tank brimming with intellect and experience…

a Soul Group.


back to the point. do any of the following set off alarm bells or get someone’s spidey sense tingling?

the Bretagne region of France
vin mariani
fly agaric/amanita muscaria/soma
montmorency michigan
constitution lake, atlanta
ong’s hat
rusty, harley, minnesota
john mchugh
joey or joel
tim mistralec
paula, heidi
idaho, basques
unseen david

i could provide more if necessary…

PLEASE – if you associate any of the “players” involved in glp’s demise with anything on that list, and i’m not looking for any names, btw, post your thoughts here. there were simply too many things in just the first 10 pages of this thread that reminded me of what happened before that i feel i have to see if there’s a connection.

neither answer will make me any more comfortable, tho.


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