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Guardians of the Eternal Flame


Almost simultaneous with the founding of the modern cryptocracy and the passing of the National Security Act in 1947, if the rumors are to be believed, there came to be a faction working within the secret agencies of government to restore the Constitution. It is claimed that this group has been fighting a resistance from within the cryptocracy against the Nazi group known as the Aquarius Group (AG) which came to cluster around the Gehlen/Nazis taken to the breast of the American intelligence community at the end of World War II. While our sources beg for anonymity, they tell us they have been known as the Guardians of the Eternal Flame or The Rowboat Magicians. To my knowledge, only twice has this group communicated with the general public, then not “officially” but through documents “leaked” or “planted” in the samisdat. Then they called themselves Com-12…

from Walter Bowart’s Operation Mind Control

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